Amogh, An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


The powerful dual-core Intel Atom processor carries out all the required processing and the Arduino Mega 2650 micro-controller acts as an interface between the processor and the payloads. The microcontroller drives the thrusters with the help of the motor controllers as directed by the processor.

Top Hull Electronic Enclosure

This whole circuitry is integrated together in a compact fashion through custom designed Printed Circuit Boards and placed inside the top and bottom hulls. A stack of interconnected circular PCBs supported on a rack attached to the motherboard lies inside the top hull and two circular PCBs and a circular switchboard sandwich five lithium polymer batteries together on a metal rack inside the bottom hull, effectively utilizing the limited space.

Bottom Hull Electronic Enclosure


The thrusters used in the design were imported from abroad, so the team is working to design their own thruster which can efficiently drive the propulsion system and reduce the associated costs. Also, there are numerous applications for which an AUV can be designed and at the same time, the development of more advanced processing capabilities and high power supplies is constantly evolving the roles and missions for AUVs.

Speaking about the other future plans, Sanchit said, “The design of our AUV as in its preliminary phase is concentrated towards the development of technology for the upcoming industrial versions of the vehicle, which will be targeted towards coastal surveillance and deep sea explorations.”

“We are striving hard to associate the project with industries where we can work and design the AUV for the specific industrial defined problem. As a step ahead to achieve this endeavor, we are participating in various business competitions and exhibitions which can provide it with the required platform to highlight the innovation and extend the industrial outreach. We are trying to associate AUVs with several B. Tech and dual degree projects. This can prove to be a major push for the development of underwater technology as well as to the implementation of AUVs in India,” he added. Watch the video for the updated Amogh, AUV Amogh 2.0

Team AmoghTeam Amogh

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